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Trumphills's Nick of Time Liza (Sophie)

owned by Suzanne and Vincent Thibeau

Spring 2011...

Lois at Truro Show 2011


Ch. Trumphill's Didja see me Swagger (Lois)

Parson Russell Terriers

Our Boys

Cedarspring The Pied Piper of Trumphill



height: 13"

colour: white with black markings

coat: broken

Canadian Champion

Sire: Ch Ratrace No Stopping Me

Dam: Ch Posey Canyon Tazlberi Delite



Barsetta Bobby Dazzler



height: 14"

colour: tan & white

coat: broken

Best in Show - Quebec 2003 Trials


Our Girls

Barsetta dot com



height: 12.5"

colour: white & tan

coat: broken

ACK & Kennel Club Reg'd.


Sire: UK Ch Barsetta Edward

Dam: Canterwood Norma


Dotty is an outstanding little dog, with a show stopping personality and conformation.  A definite rising star at our kennel.



Trumphill Molly



height: 12.5"

colour: tan & white

coat: broken


Sire:  Barsetta Bobby Dazzler

Dam: Barsetta dot com



Trumphill Bonny Piper



Sire:  Ch Cedarspring The Pied Piper

Dam: Trumphill Tessa


Young Moss is now six months old and just getting started on her Show career; here she is cuddling in an older photo with her Ridgeback pal & age-mate Lola...



Parson Russell Terriers on show...


well really, kissing up to Mummy hardly counts, she's not a judge!


Reba on show...


Canine Quotes...

"The great thing about a dog is that you make a fool of yourself with him, and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too."
Samuel Butler



Trumphill Kennels

Hazel Parker
74 Old Cemetery Rd., RR #1
Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
Canada   B0N 2J0

Tel: (902) 639-2351
Fax: (902) 639-2944

Family Photos

photo copyright Todd Foley

Barsetta Bobby Dazzler and Trumphill Peek A Boo, much loved by Dave, Jeanette and Mathew Reynolds from Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada.

Russels at the wheel; time for a spin?

Piper and Lovey...

Trumphill's Love to Watch You (Lovey), living up to her name...

Puppy pals; ready for fun!

In Tribute


Ravenswood Raster of Trumphill



1999 CJRTA Super Trial Best Canadian Bred Dog Award


A charming little fellow, Dewey loved everybody without reserve, and passed this wonderful trait on to his pups.  Dewey fathered the 1999 CJRTA Super Trial Best 4 - 6 month old puppy, and appeared on screen in the movie "The Weight of Water" with Elizabeth Hurley, Sean Penn, and Sarah Polley.



Dewey on set with actress/director Sarah Polley.




Patch on the prowl...

There was a little Jack Russell
He was full of life and bustle
His name was Scallywag Patch
He was ever so hard to catch

He would run around and play
Hunting squirrels & mice all day

By the time he came in at night
He would be tired, dirty, an awful sight.

After being cleaned up and ready for bed, He turned into a loveable snuggle bum,
As he would snuggle up next to your head, In the morning he was last to rise, Setting on Dad's lap waiting for his kiss good-byes

I could go on forever about the sweet things he'd do
About all the trouble he could get into too, How he could make us dreadfully sad, then turn it around to make us extremely glad

On June 21st  two thousand and one, Our dear little Patch went for his last run, I wish I could say he had a noble demise, Ganged up on by squirrels that took him by surprise

However he was hit by a speeding truck, In his very own yard what terrible luck
Now we must say our tearful good-byes, It's the hardest farewell, I tell you no lies
We find it so hard to get through the day, Everything reminds us of Patch in some way.

~ Wendy Parker ~





Parson Russell Terrier

(copyright CKC)

Origin & Purpose - The Parson Russell Terrier is a working variant of the fox terrier. The breed personifies the type preferred and developed by Reverend John
Russell, an avid fox hunter from the county Devon, England, during the  nineteenth century. The dog was developed to “run with horse and hound” so that when the hounds drove a fox to ground the terrier
followed, baying to bolt his quarry to the surface so the chase could continue. The breed remained popular with hunters and horsemen
throughout the 20th century and in January of 1990, it was recognized in England by The Kennel Club.

General Appearance -
Workmanlike, active and agile; built for speed and endurance. Overall picture of balance and flexibility. Honourable scars permissible.

Temperament - Essentially a working terrier with ability and conformation to go to ground and run with hounds. Bold and friendly.

Size - Dogs ideal height at withers 36 cm (14 ins) and Bitches ideal height at
withers 33 cm (13 ins). 2 cm above or below is acceptable.

Important Proportions - Well balanced. Overall length of body slightly longer than height from withers to ground. Length from nose to stop slightly shorter than from stop to occiput.

Coat & Colour - Coat: Naturally harsh, close and dense, whether rough or smooth. Belly and
undersides coated. Colour: Entirely white or  predominantly white with tan,
lemon or black markings, or any combination of these colours, preferably
confined to head and/or root of tail.

Head - Skull: Flat, moderately broad, gradually narrowing to the eyes. Stop:
Shallow. Nose: Black. Jaws/Teeth: Jaws strong, muscular. Teeth with a
perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Eyes: Almond
shaped, fairly deep-set, dark, keen expression. Ears: Small, V-shaped, dropping forward, carried close to head, tip of ear to reach corner of eye,
fold not to appear above top of skull. Leather of moderate thickness.

Neck - Clean, muscular, of good length, gradually widening to shoulders.

Forequarters - Strong, must be straight with joints turning neither m nor out.
Shoulders: Long and sloping, well laid back, cleanly cut at withers. Elbows: Close to body, working free of the sides.

Body - Well balanced. Overall length slightly longer than height from withers to
ground. Back: Strong and straight. Loin: Slightly arched. Chest: Of moderate depth, not to come below point of elbow, capable of being spanned behind the shoulders by average size hands. Ribs not oversprung.

Hindquarters - Strong, muscular with good angulation. Stifle: Good bend of stifle. Hocks: Set low. Rear. Pasterns: Parallel, giving plenty of drive. Feet:
Compact with firm pads, turning neither in nor out.

Tail - Customarily docked.

Docked: Length complementing the body while providing a good
handhold. Strong, straight, moderately high set, carried well up on the

Undocked: Of moderated length and as straight as possible, giving a general balance to the dog, thick at the root and tapering towards the end. Moderately high set, carried well up on the move.

Gait - Free-striding, well co-ordinated, straight action front and behind.

Faults - Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and
welfare of the dog.

Disqualification - Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

Note: - Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended
into the scrotum.


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