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T.R.U.M.P. Dog Food

True Raw Unaltered Meat & Produce

A dog's diet...

Canines are not carnivores but are omnivores, naturally eating both meat and vegetable matter.  Our dog food is a nutritionally balanced product made from human grade meat and vegetables in a government inspected facility.


Many pet owners recognize the canine's ancestral diet consisted of raw meat and natural, unprocessed foods.  Others consider their pets as family members.  Either way, according to Animal Nutritionists, research has proven that dogs are not designed to eat low grade food that has been cooked under extreme heat and pressure with added synthetic nutritional substitutes.


48.6% of dogs have allergies to to their commercially prepared dog food.


The results are clear after just a few weeks of feeding our dog food.  Brighter eyes, better skin and coat higher energy levels, and reduced food-allergy related problems such as itching, scratching, foot chewing etc.

Our own experiences...

'My husband Bill and I have been owned by dogs for as long as we can both remember.  We are now in our fifties, still owned by dogs but a lot wiser.  We have bred Jack Russell Terriers for going on twenty years and have always had big dogs as part of our family as well.


We had a wonderful German Pointer/Lab, Ali, who died of cancer at the very young age of two.  Our beautiful Irish Wolf Hound Nuahla died of cancer at five.  We have had skin problem and eating disorders with some of the terriers although we fed a very high quality dry kibble.


A friend of ours asked us if we would look into making raw dog food as we owned a meat processing plant...and so the research began.  Now, several years later and with a lot of help from analysts and canine nutritionists, we have a product call TRUMP that our dogs and lots of their families are enjoying and thriving on.  We neverhave to feed our dogs by hand or coax them to eat.  We never have upset tummies and the coats on all the dogs are full and shiny, even on our little white terriers.  We have three Best in Show winners and the puppies we are producing are exceptional. 


We are government inspected and check our product regularly with Agriculture and Fisheries Quality Evaluation Division.' - Hazel Parker


TRUMP dog food is available at:


Sweet Williams County Sausage - 902 639-2944

19 Wilson Crest Road, Stewiacke, Nova Scotia


The Doggy Bag Treatery - 902 883-7402

205 Hwy #2, Unit 1, Enfield, Nova Scotia



Trumphill Kennels

Hazel Parker
74 Old Cemetery Rd., RR #1
Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
Canada   B0N 2J0

Tel: (902) 639-2351
Fax: (902) 639-2944

label image courtesy of MiniPrint, Bedford, NS


'I own four Border Collies that play flyball and agility.  All four have been on TRUMP for just over one year.  It took about three months to see an incredible change in them.  Their coats improved tremendously with a healthy richness to the colour.  Their energy is endless and their stamina amazing yet they are quiet tempered.  Their stools are much smaller and regular.  I get comments often on their beautiful, white teeth.  They were never big eaters before but now when I prepare their dinner they sit behind me and drool and demolish every morsel.'


Paula Reardon,

APS Flyball

'We have a German Shepherd that we use occasionally for breeding.  The problem we had was when females arrived to be bred, Keiffer would stop eating.  This is normal behaviour I guess, but he couldn't afford to lose any weight; he's a bit on the lean side anyway.  Since we started him on TRUMP he doesn't stop eating - ever - so therefore he doesn't drop those much needed  pounds.  His coat is glorious and he's got so much energy and playfulness.  We love what it's done for our dog!'


Kim Thompson,

Mapleway Farm

'After the birth of a litter of pups my Jack Russell Terrier mom went drastically down in weight.  With free choice good quality dry dog food she just wouldn't pick up but continued to lose more and was on the verge of diarrhea all the time.  Within two meals of TRUMP, her bowel movements were back to normal and by ten days had gained a considerable amount of her weight back as well as still feeding her thriving litter.

Another JRT girl of mine only came into heat once every 11 months.  Now she is on a six month cycle.  Her coat, once very sparse, is thicker and she's much healthier.  She also races in flyball tournaments.  The last weekend she raced, she had as much energy at the end of the weekend as at the beginning and had her fastest time every.  My dogs are happier and healthier since being on TRUMP food and I strongly recommend it for all dogs.

Karan Robinson,

Riverhaven Kennels


Beef, Pork, Chicken - including bones, liver, heart & kidneys; source of highly digestible protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Eggs - including shells; protein, calcium, Vitamin D.

Apples - cleansing, blood purifying qualities, aids in digestion, can remove impurities in the liver, contains fructose, a simple sugar released slowly to supply energy and balance blood sugar levels, helps skin conditions and arthritis.

Oranges, grapefruit, pears - source of Vitamin C, potassium, fiber, rich in pectin for shiny, healthy coats, natural diuretic.

Broccoli - cancer fighting enzymes, prevents tumor growth or spread of existing tumors.

Celery, spinach, carrots - source of Vitamins A, C, K and B series, folate, iron, zinc, potassium, fiber rich, cancer fighting antioxident beta carotene, thiamine.

Garlic - boosts immune system, natural flea deterrent, calming effect.

Honey - inhibits the growth of detrimental intestinal bacteria, strengthens immune system.

Kelp - concentrated source of minerals including iodine, magnesium, calcium.

Flax - source of essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Alfalfa - nutrient rich forage, anti-inflammatory properties.

Kefir - enzyme rich and source of beneficial micro-organisms.

Folic Acid - Vitamin B9 known to prevent cancer in dogs, beneficial effect on digestive tract.  Also shown to prevent birth defects in certain breeds, increase litter size and birth weights, regulates heat cycles and aids in healthy teeth and gums.


Crude Protein min. 14%
Calcium min. 1.1%
Phosphorus min. 0.38%
Sodium min. 0.12%
Potassium min. 0.30%
Magnesium min. 0.04%
Iron (ppm) min. 34.5%
Maganese (ppm) min. 1.70%
Copper (ppm) min. 1.42%
Zinc (ppm) min. 28.16%
Crude Fat min. 13.98%
Ash min. 2.30%
pH 6.10

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